MacDuff 1890

Welcome to MacDuff 1890. We source top quality produce from a small selection of trusted farms and suppliers across lowland Scotland and the borders.

The farms we source from are among the finest in the country. The knowledge of animal welfare and rearing is best-in-class, meaning these animals have the best quality of life possible, while providing produce of the highest quality and complete traceability from farm to plate.

MacDuff 1890 butcher will be host some of the best quality Scotch beef, lamb and pork alongside local wild game and hand-crafted charcuterie. We will also have weekly specials including rare breed products from across Scotland and award-winning black pudding and haggis.

“This is the Rolls Royce of pork - such amazing, creamy flavour and fat that just MELTS. Made all the better by knowing it’s sustainable and the animals had a good life. Question is, how am I ever going to eat normal pork ever again?!”

Bonnie & Wild and MacDuff 1890 share similar commitments to quality, sustainability and provenance, and it’s these shared values that have encouraged MacDuff 1890 to make the leap into launching its first retail venture, something we have been considering due to demand from Edinburgh residents and restaurants.