Frequently Asked Questions

A warm welcome to Bonnie & Wild’s Scottish Marketplace!

Within Bonnie & Wild’s Scottish Marketplace you’ll be treated to some of the best eating and drinking Scotland has to offer. From quick lunches to fine dining, coffee and cake to craft beers and cocktails, you will find an eye-popping, mouth-watering, lip-smacking range of menus to choose from.

Can I book a table?

We don't take reservations. Just come to the door where you'll be greeted by a warm welcome and then be able to explore the marketplace and find a table. We do have a bookable events space that includes a private dining room, demo kitchen and our beautiful Tryst bar, which can be hired our for those special occasions.

Where is Bonnie & Wild?

You’ll find Bonnie & Wild’s Scottish Marketplace on Level 4 of Edinburgh’s St James Quarter, a magnificent array of shops, cinemas, hotels, apartments, and much more.

We’re on the fourth floor of the main Galleria, easily accessible by lift, escalator or stairs.

Where is the St James Quarter?

St James Quarter itself is centrally located in the heart of Edinburgh, across the road from Waverley train station, next to Edinburgh Bus Station, and adjacent to the tramline that takes you out all the way to Edinburgh Airport.

What is the best way to get to Bonnie & Wild?

There are several ways you can reach Bonnie & Wild:

  • From St James Square zip up the escalator by the large media wall or up the stone stairs next to the W Hotel.
  • From inside the main shopping Galleria you have the option of several staircases, escalators or lifts - we're on the fourth floor.
  • If you're coming from St Andrew Square, head down Multrees Walk, past all the shops until you come to the Galleria entrance. You can either head inside and come up to the fourth floor, or take a right and come up the small incline to St James Square, where you can take an escalator to our door!
  • If you're coming from Waverley Station, Princes Street or the top of Leith Walk, head to the top of Leith Street. With the National Record of Scotland on your left, pass the main Galleria entrance on your right (where the Spritz Garden is) and walk along the pedestrian access to St James Square, where you can access the fourth floor by the stone staircase or take the escalator to our door!
  • From York Place come direct up Elder Street where you can simply enter the St James Quarter or continue up the gentle hill to St James Square where an escalator will wheech you up to our front entrance!

The St James Quarter car park contains 1,600+ spaces, including 70 disabled parking bays scattered throughout the car park, 45 electric car charging bays, motorcycle & scooter spaces and dedicated parking spaces for families, placed strategically near welcome points. There are also bicycle racks located in areas near the Quarter for your convenience.

Can I take my dog?

Please note that although St James Quarter does allow well-behaved dogs, we only permit guide dogs into our Food Hall. However, we do have an external seating area by our front doors that dogs are welcome at.

Visit the St James Quarter website for full location details

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes we do! Available in £20 and £50 they can be purchased at the bar at Bonnie & Wild.

Are you a cashless venue?

Yes we are. We opened during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and made the decision then to be a cashless venue.

Do you allow children?

Absolutely. We are a family-friendly venue with family-friendly policies. We have baby-changing facilities, as well as several high chairs. Our licence conditions are: Children under 12 must be accompanied at all times, while children 12 years and older may be unaccompanied at our discretion until 8pm. All children must be off the premises by 11pm. Young persons may be unaccompanied to 10pm where after they will require to be accompanied.

Are there any opportunities for my food business?

Definitely. Please fill out the form on this page and we'll be in touch.

What about the queue?

Sometimes we do have a queue at peak times, such as lunchtime and dinner. But we're a big venue, with oodles of space and the queue moves quick as our welcome staff work to get you seated as promptly as possible, even large groups. A wait of more than 10 minutes is a rare thing. You do not need to queue if you're in to buy takeaway from Joelato, Cairngorm or Soup & Caboodle; browse or buy from our Rarity bottle shop; explore our Scottish Landscape Photography Exhibition; or simply have a drink at our Howff & Hauf bar.

You said Bonnie & Wild doesn't take reservations... why do you sometimes have reserved signs on your tables?!

This is quite correct. In general, we don't take reservations as we will be able to accommodate you and your party (even large groups) comfortably and quickly. On special occasions, we do at our own discretion reserve a table. These are likely to be for staff (including concessions) and their families, stakeholders (such as suppliers), or competition winners.

How accessible is your venue?

We pride ourselves on our welcoming, friendly and accessible venue. For specific access queries, please see our accessibilty guide.

What about allergens and gluten-free options?

With ten kitchens and a cafe (plus a bottleshop) we reckon we have every taste, palate and diet catered for. Click the links to view our list of allergens or to see our various gluten-free options. Please make sure you advise the counter staff when making your order as menus do change.

Is it possible to get a job with Bonnie & Wild?

We're always keen to speak to people with a passion for hospitality, and often have vacancies for Front of House, Back of House, Bar, Supervisors and Management. Please fill out the form on this page and we'll be in touch.

Can you show me what it's like inside?

Have a look at this 3D scan of our venue by Caledonian Insights to give you an immersive and dynamic experience of our Food Hall!

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