Soup & Caboodle Scottish Deli

Bonnie & Wild's Scottish deli offers an amazing range of tasty treats for you to experience in our Food Hall or take home and enjoy!

As well as dining out and eat at home options, Soup & Caboodle also offers you some beautiful deli produce sourced from across Scotland, including relishes and pickles, jams and jellies, sweets and treats, oils and sauces, groceries and many other types of fresh Scottish produce.

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Allergens and Provenance

  • Scotch Broth: Vegan & Gluten Free
  • All other soups please ask your server for allergens.
    All soups are served with bread (gluten) and butter (dairy)
  • Bread & Butter: Gluten, Dairy
  • Tasty Pieces: Gluten. All sandwiches have gluten-free bread option. All sandwiches served with vegetable crisps and garden salad (contains mustard in the French dressing).  
  • The Veggie: Sesame, Dairy, Nuts (Cashew)
  • Ruben: Dairy, Mustard, Eggs
  • Cubano: Dairy, Eggs
  • BLTC: Eggs
  • Tuna Melt: Fish, Eggs, Dairy
  • Cheese Toastie: Dairy
  • Grazing Platters: These contain gluten, sulphites, nuts (walnuts)
  • Charcuterie Meat Platter: Gluten, Sulphites, Walnuts, Dairy (chorizo)
  • Mediterranean Vegetable Platter: Gluten, Sulphites (dried fruits), Nuts (walnuts), Dairy
  • Cheeseboard Platter: Gluten, Sulphites (dried fruits), Nuts (walnuts), Dairy
  • Salad Bowls:
  • Caesar: Gluten, Dairy, Fish, Eggs, Soya 
  • Mediterranean: Gluten, Dairy, Mustard, Sulphites
  • Plates: all plates are served with S&C salad and potato salad (contains egg)
  • Beef & Ale: Gluten, Dairy, Fish, Eggs
  • Chicken & Leek: Gluten, Eggs, Sesame
  • Haggis: Gluten (oats), Eggs, Dairy
  • Vegan Haggis: Gluten (oats), Sulphites
  • Venison, Port & Red Currant: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Celery, Soya
  • Quiche Plate: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Mustard (in the salad dressing)
  • Jacket Potatoes: Served with garden salad (Mustard) and coleslaw (Egg) 
  • Bacon, Sour Cream, Mull Cheddar Chives: Eggs, Dairy, Mustard
  • Spicy Bean Chilli: Egg, Celery (beans), Dairy, Mustard
  • Tuna, Sweetcorn, Red Onion & Mull Cheddar: Eggs, Fish, Dairy, Mustard
  • Nachos Platter: Dairy
  • Scotch Egg: Gluten, Eggs
  • Scones: Gluten, Dairy

Bonnie & Wild's Scottish deli proudly offers a wide range of Scottish products in its soups, sandwiches, platters and other tasty treats, as we well as a variety of products you can buy and take home. Their suppliers include:

  • Premier Produce
  • Braehead Foods
  • JB Foodservce
  • IJ Mellis
  • Brakes Foods Scotland
  • The Breadwinner Scotland
  • East Coast Cured
  • The Cress Company
  • Scotch & Company

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