Radge Chaat

Chef Tony Singh has cooked for Queens, Maharajas, Presidents and now for you! Radge Chaat brings Edinburgh authentic Indian flavours that will wow your senses and tickle your taste buds!

"Chaat" is a savoury snack that originated in India and is served from roadside stalls or food carts. The word itself derived from Chaatna meaning “to lick” and describes a host of savoury street foods served across India. The snacks are characterised by their sweet, sour, spicy, tangy, and crunchy taste, perfect for any time of day!

Tony and his team will be offering regional specials throughout the year, as well as their selection of delicious dosas, vegan butter chicken and tantalising fur fur.

Expect full and punchy flavours from India and the best ingredients Tony and his team can possibly get their hands on. Everything is vegetarian and there will be vegan options too - so no-one misses out!

Full menu coming soon!

"So, so, so good. If you have the chance, go in person - it's an experience in and of itself watching food being made, and meeting the team. We spent ten minutes chatting (bad pun) with Lucky, and it was a blast watching him work his magic and telling us all about it. Each dish was delicious, esp with the toppings that added some crunch and freshness - we tried a sampling of most of the menu. Looking forward to going back!"

Bernadette D,

"Unbelievably good food and amazing service. Arguably some of the best flavours in Edinburgh, incredible value for money, and great chat. I recommend the Big Radge & Chippie Chaat but everything is great. I will be back for some more soon."

Ross A,

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