White Heather Club expands with a Fringe Ceilidh this Summer

Thanks to popular demand, Bonnie & Wild's White Heather Club will be hosting a special 'Fringe Ceilidh' amid the bustle of the Edinburgh Festival.

Our regular ceilidhs take place on the last Thursday of every month (we've one tomorrow!), but after a few requests for a special Fringe one, we've decided to put on a special White Heather Club ceilidh on Thursday, August 17th, slap bang in the middle of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It means Edinburgh Festival-goers can still get along to our Food Hall and take part in our brilliant Scottish country dances.

We've been hosting the White Heather Club since last summer, attracting hundreds of dancers each time. And last month we teamed up with tartan-maker ScotlandShop who've come up with our very own Bonnie & Wild tartan.

The White Heather Club brand has established itself as a partygoers’ favourite in Edinburgh’s events calendar. These ceilidhs are great for all involved, whether it’s our staff, the band or the hundreds of people who come along for a dance or to watch. It’s great to see so many people – locals, shoppers, diners, tourists, passers-by – all dancing away and all enjoying themselves. No one leaves without a big grin on their face.”

Colin Campbell, Bonnie & Wild

We'll also be putting on a few extras to keep all you dancers fuelled up and looking fabulous during the three-hour ceilidh, which is scheduled to start at 8pm. You can expect a few prizes for the bonniest dancers, too!

We’ve had a few folk asking about our August ceilidh, and whether we would change our date to tie in with the Fringe. Rather than reschedule, we spoke to the band and decided to put on a special ‘Fringe Ceilidh’ on Thursday, August 17th.

Colin Campbell, Bonnie & Wild

It’s great to see the White Heather Club once again becoming synonymous with promoting ceilidhs and traditional Scottish country dances, including at the Edinburgh Fringe. I’m really excited about our involvement with these brilliant events.

Anna White, Scotland Shop

With music from Charlie Kirkpatrick and his band, White Heather Club participants are guided through each dance, including the likes of classics such as Dashing White Sergeant, the Gay Gordons and of course the Strip the Willow.

Revitalised last year by Bonnie & Wild, the White Heather Club was a popular TV show in the 1950s and 1960s, broadcasting Scottish country dancing into people’s homes, and helping to drive the resurgence of traditional Scottish music and Ceilidh dancing.

The Fringe’s Ceilidh is being organised in conjunction with St James Quarter’s wider Fringe programme, as well as with our partners ScotlandShop. We’re also in discussions with some iconic locations on key festive dates and other collaborative opportunities to branch out and bring the White Heather Club to even bigger audiences.

Colin Campbell, Bonnie & Wild

The next White Heather Club takes place tomorrow at Bonniie & Wild’s Food Hall at 8pm. Click here to reserve your ticket.

Tickets to White Heather Club’s Fringe Ceilidh will go on sale next week.

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