The Gannet East and MacDuff 1890 team up to deliver Scotland's first field-to-fork fine dining experience.

With The Butcher's Cut, guests will be able to visit Bonnie & Wild’s resident butcher, specify their own cut of meat, and have it taken a few metres along to The Gannet East food stall, who will then cook the cut to perfection before serving it with beautifully prepared sides, and followed by a dessert of caramel fondant. The cuts include MacDuff’s Scotch ribeye steak, their Scotch flat iron steak, and their Galician ribeye steak.

“We have worked with The Gannet for several years and it made perfect sense to collaborate with Chef John Munro and the team at Gannet East to offer this truly unique concept to guests of Bonnie & Wild.

“Every Thursday, throughout the day, customers can come to MacDuff 1890 butcher counter and hand-pick the butcher’s cut from the selection available for that week. They can have it cut to specification in front of them, buy it and then this will be taken across to The Gannet East where, for a small cook-and-service charge, it will be cooked to order for them. Where else could this happen apart from in Bonnie and Wild!”

Andrew Duff, MacDuff 1890’s Managing Director

“MacDuff and The Gannet have a strong relationship - they’ve been supplying our Glasgow restaurant for years - and they’re approach to quality and traceability matches our own, as we believe in sourcing from local farmers and producers, building good relationships and trust.

"We’re very excited to be working with MacDuff 1890 for this new venture. It’s a great opportunity for Bonnie & Wild’s and The Gannet East’s customers to experience a level of quality they won’t find elsewhere. It also gives a perfect demonstration of the importance of provenance and a real sense of ‘field to fork’. It’s great to have the environment in which to offer that.”

Peter McKenna, Co-founder of The Gannet

The Butcher’s Cut takes place every Thursday from 11.45am until 9.30pm. Cost £16 plus price of the steak. No need to book!

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