Stunning new Scottish landscape photography exhibition launched at Bonnie & Wild

Bonnie & Wild might be known for its warm welcome, diverse food and drink offering, and its legendary White Heather Ceilidh Club, but we’ve just unveiled another eye-catching reason to visit our Edinburgh Food Hall - a beautiful new display of Scottish landscape photography.

We have just unveiled the new exhibition of The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards. And with almost 200 images from 100 photographers on display, we think it’s the largest exhibition of award-winning Scottish landscape photography!

The new exhibition of beautiful scenes from across Scotland adorn the walls and multimedia displays of our Scottish Marketplace, with guests invited to meander the Food Hall and have a gander at the stunning new images located all across the venue.

Now in its eight year, the landscape award’s top prize went to Isabella Hillhouse, whose portfolio of three images, titled “Holy Stones”, “Talisker Bay” and “Calm”, pictured below, won the highest score from judges. Isabella’s images will be on display for the next year, along with dozens of other acclaimed photographers.

"I was surprised and delighted when I found out I'd won this year's awards! I am very grateful to Bonnie & Wild for providing a space for these awards. I originally hail from Switzerland but have lived in Scotland for some 30 years now and am still thrilled by the landscape here."

Isabella Hillhouse, Overall winner

The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards are an annual photography competition launched in September 2014.

The new exhibition at Bonnie & Wild sees a huge step up in production and the biggest images produced for a Scottish landscape photography exhibition. Installed across the entire venue, award-winners' images now take up entire walls, are seen in rolling video displays, new full height lightboxes, large format prints, and in traditional high-quality, wall-mounted prints.

“These awards aim to reward the talents of the many great photographers who practise photography in Scotland, while also raising awareness of Scotland’s natural heritage and promoting conservation of our landscape.

“The awards, and this exhibition, showcase the beauty and diversity of the Scottish landscape, its coasts, islands and towns and cities, in a collection of beautiful images. I love that through this partnership with Bonnie & Wild we’re bringing these awards to a far greater audience.

“We’ve now opened our 9th awards and I hope this new exhibition will encourage more people to take part, with only a few weeks left for people to enter.”

Stuart Low, Founder of the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards

“All of us at Bonnie & Wild are proud to sponsor these fantastic awards, which show off the drama and magnificence of Scotland’s natural beauty. This latest exhibition is a significant increase on our previous show, and I’m sure our guests will love these artworks as much as I do!

“Our sponsorship of the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year awards underlines Bonnie & Wild’s commitment to truly show off the best of Scotland, whether it’s Scottish food and drink, its chefs and producers, or its beautiful landscapes and photographers through this incredible exhibition.

“Guests can come in, enjoy some beautiful food and drink, and wander around our Food Hall enjoying some spectacular photography of Scotland.”

Kate Russell, Bonnie & Wild General Manager

Running for the entire year, the exhibition will soon provide the facility for visitors to buy prints of the images on display, with profits going to the photographers.

The current exhibition will run until January 2024, with entry to this year’s awards open until February 20th. Entrants are invited to submit their best shots of Scotland via the website

Bonnie & Wild, located on Level 4 of the St James Quarter in Edinburgh, is open from 9am to 12midnight. The exhibition is free. No booking necessary.

You can view the slideshows and find out more about the Awards below.

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