Sign Wave: We shine a bonnie spotlight on one of our suppliers

In the first of a new series of articles, we shine a Bonnie & Wild spotlight onto Nairnbrook, the Scottish printer that provides much of Bonnie & Wild’s signage as well as undertaking the beautiful printing of our Scottish Landscape of the Year Exhibition, which went on display earlier this year.

Clydebank-based Nairnbrook has been around since 1994, and it’s fair to say they’ve had their ups and downs over the past three decades as the economic landscape changed and technology and tastes evolved.

Founder and Managing Director Jim Bryceland, who cut his teeth in a career in advertising, said he established Nairnbrook to help businesses build their brands and grow brand awareness. From the early days in the late 1990s, Nairnbrook was known for full-build exhibitions before shifting to what is now their bread and butter - large format printing, vinyl installation and custom graphic wallpaper (though they’re also the only printer producing bar mats in-house for the drinks industry).

Bonnie & Wild has been working with Nairnbrook since before we even opened, commissioning the business to produce all the signage at the kitchens and retailers in our Food Hall, including the likes of Creel Caught, Salt & Chilli Oriental, east PIZZAS, and Joelato, as well as additional internal and external signage.

Most recently we asked Nairnbrook to undertake the challenge of printing almost 100 artworks now on display in our Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Exhibition. From lightboxes to dibond prints to gigantic vinyls taking up entire walls, this is a beautiful exhibition worth a visit to Bonnie & Wild.

“This was a great job,” says Jim. “We love working on this type of job. Yes, some challenges, but the subject matter was great. It involved so many superb images.”

While SLPOTY was certainly one of Nairnbrook’s most recent high-profile jobs, asked to identify a career highlight, Jim says: “We’ve had a lot of great jobs over the years and there are a few that stand out. We did an alcohol awareness project many years ago that was used in the school curriculum; a drug awareness project for the then Ayrshire Police; and a fun but challenging project for the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland which involved re-imagining 20 garden sheds based on architectural plans supplied by 20 Scottish architects. That was also a bit of a logistical challenge as it involved transporting all these designer sheds to various cities across the country.”

While Nairnbrook certainly has a reputation for delivering on quality, the business wasn’t immune from Covid, says Jim. “It killed off about 80% of our business, and it took us down to three staff. Since the pandemic we’ve been focused on rebuilding the business.”

One of the ways Nairnbrook is achieving this is by focusing on working with small businesses and start-ups, such as Bonnie & Wild. “Small businesses are the life blood of the economy, and we love working with them to help build brand and product awareness. Working with Bonnie & Wild has been a pleasure. We love the vision, the attention to detail, and how they promote Scottish produce and products at such a high level.”

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