Okanda launches at Bonnie & Wild with exclusive pop-up event

Join us at Bonnie & Wild this weekend for the launch of new pop-up restaurant Okanda! Created by the foodie geniuses behind the heavenly Kochchi, the new venture expands on the Sri Lankan offer and showcases a range of delicious dishes from South East Asia.

This Saturday and Sunday Suki Jayaratne and Shehan Fernando will be in our pop-up events space and cooking up a curated menu of Thai Noodles, Vietnamese Rolls and Nepalese Momos that will show off the flavours of south east Asia and take guests on “an exquisite culinary journey”!

The new Okanda kitchen concept is the latest creation of Suki and Shehan, who’ve won multiple plaudits for their Sri Lankan-focused Kochchi, a popular choice within Bonnie & Wild.

After taking top spots at the Scottish and British Street Food Awards, Kochchi took a permanent residency within Bonnie & Wild’s Food Hall last year, making the move from street truck to food stall inside Scotland’s biggest food and drink venue.

Mr Jayaratne said: “We’re so excited about launching out latest kitchen at Bonnie & Wild and giving food lovers the opportunity to get a flavour of our latest restaurant, Okanda.”

Described as “South East Asian street food redefined with a fine dining twist” Okanda’s menu boasts Thai Noodles, Vietnamese Rolls and Nepalese Momos that take diners “on an extraordinary culinary journey that celebrates South East Asian flavours sustainably, responsibly and respectfully”.

Mr Jayaratne said: “Okanda is the culmination of our lifelong love affair with the rich tapestry of flavours found throughout South East Asia. Shehan and I have travelled, lived and breathed these flavours, and can’t wait to show off these authentic dishes to guests at Bonnie & Wild as we look to expand the business.

“It’s incredible that Bonnie & Wild provides this platform for chef-led businesses and other entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures, with little risk. It’s a brilliant catalyst for start-ups, and a superb opportunity.”

Okanda launches at Bonnie & Wild this Saturday and Sunday, June 24th and 25th, at the Events Space from 12 noon.

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