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From Chinese fine dining to Cantonese and Sri Lankan street food, Bonnie & Wild has a variety of authentic Asian kitchens serving up delicious dishes for every palate.

Visit Bonnie & Wild in Edinburgh’s St James Quarter and choose exciting dishes from a trio of Asian kitchens serving up authentic Chinese, Hong Kong and Sri Lankan meals.

Within our Food Hall, you can pick and choose from any of our menus, including TV and TikTok star Chef Jimmy Lee’s Salt & Chilli Oriental and Leith Woks, or street food award-winner Kochchi.

Salt & Chilli Oriental

Salt & Chilli Oriental’s eponymous Salt & Chilli dishes come with chicken, king prawn, soft shell crab and tofu varieties.

They also have Scottish Honey Chilli Chicken, General Tso Chicken, Katsu Chicken Curry and Scottish Honey Chilli Tofu on the menu. And did we mention the Katsu Chicken Bao Buns? A must-try on your next visit!

Leith Woks

Leith Woks on the other side of our Food Hal serves up authentic Chinese restaurant fine dining.

If you’ve a taste for small plates, try Leith Woks’ Thai Crackers with Sweet Chilli Dip, Chicken Satay Skewers, Aromatic Duck Spring Rolls with Hoi Sin & Bramble Dip, or the Sesame Prawn Toast & Sweet Chilli Dip. For mains, you can opt for Chinese classics including Chicken Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Chow Mein or the Tofu Veg Black Bean with Jasmine Rice. Other rice dishes include Scotch Beef Flank Curry, Cloudy Lemon Chicken, Ayrshire Chinese Roast Pork with Maple, and a classic Vegetable Curry.


And if it’s a taste of southeast Asia you fancy, it’s got to be Kochchi, winner in both the Scottish Street Food Awards and the UK Street Food Awards.

The Sri Lankan street food kitchen has two signature dishes: Kotthu and Hoppers. Both are delicious, with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Kochchi’s Kotthu is made from shredded flatbread and fresh vegetables seared and infused with a curry of your choice before being chopped and mixed on a sizzling flat griddle. You can opt for Chicken, Black Port, Cauliflower or Veg.

Their Hoppers meanwhile are savoury crepes made into crispy edged bowls with a soft centre that’s topped with zesty coconut sambol, spiced caramel onions and your choice of filling: Chicken, Black Pork or Lankan Tatties. All Kochchi’s Hoppers are gluten free.

Want more? Kochchi also do a series of mouth-watering sides, including Cheese and Onion Roti Melts with Mango Sauce, Lankan Tatties and Godamba Roti.

And because the way our Food Hall works, you can choose from any and all our menus, meaning you can enjoy an authentic Asian feast with a starter from Leith Woks, a main from Salt & Chilli and a side from Kochchi!

But oh, the hoppers. So authentic. A portal for me to disappear into and come out the other end on that roadside in southwestern Sri Lanka. A perfect ten. A plain one comes sprinkled with chilli, curls of pandan leaf and a wedge of lime. The inch-deep base is so soft and plushy, the edges paper thin and crispy. Another comes nestled with potatoes fried with turmeric and chilli, a crisp coconut sambal and a sweet heap of spiced onions. I can’t believe my fortune.

Chitra Ramaswamy, The Times

And did you know we have one of the best events spaces in Edinburgh city centre?

From private dining to larger celebrations, we have a beautiful events space that can cater up to 120 guests, with Leith Woks, Kochchi and Salt & Chilli all providing options for you catering, including a beautiful three-course fine dining menu from Leith Woks.

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