The White Heather Club's Fringe Ceilidh - Thursday August 17th

Join us for a celebration of all things Scottish as we get birling, twirling and whirling at the White Heather Club's Fringe Ceilidh!

A night of Scottish country dancing, music, laughter and friendship, the White Heather Club at Bonnie & Wild is one of Edinburgh's best nights out. This Edinburgh Fringe we are upping the ante on remarkable ceilidh events!

The fabulous Charlie Kirkpatrick and his ceilidh band will take you through classic Scottish country dances such as the Dashing White Sergeant, Orcadian Strip the Willow and the Gay Gordons.*

As well dancing and laughter, we'll have an abundance of prizes. Alongside gift vouchers and other treats, there'll be some serious kudos being handed out for the best and bonniest dancer!

Our kilt-making friends at ScotlandShop will be on hand to provide you some seriously cool tartan, while you can take a break from the dancing to take an ancestry tour with their unique Clan Finder service.

And we'll have a few other goings-on during the night!

And if you'd like to make your White Heather Club membership official, why not buy yourself one of our official club T-shirts - available to buy with your Fringe Ceilidh ticket.

The dancing starts at 8pm and winds up at 11pm (but you're welcome to come into our Food Hall for a bite to eat beforehand).

*Don't worry if you don't know the moves! Charlie will call out the steps and make sure everyone enjoys themselves and has a braw time!)

Reserve your spot!

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