The Chef's Table … with Gary Maclean

Join National Chef of Scotland Gary Maclean and Bruichladdich Distillery for the launch of the Chef's Table at Bonnie & Wild series, an intimate, and very exclusive dining experience.

In front of a small number of guests, Gary will prepare an immaculate five-course meal in Bonnie & Wild's beautiful show kitchen, before personally serving each course and taking diners through the stories behind the food.

Gary Maclean, Bruichladdich and Bonnie & Wild all share a commitment to sustainability and socially responsible sourcing, and this ethos lies at the heart of these Chef's Table experience.

Gary’s five-course meal opens (full details below) with a serving of artisanal rye bread and broth, before moving on to a course of traditional Scottish root vegetables and barbequed celeriac.

A seafood course puts Shetland mussels on the menu, accompanied by sustainably sourced Gigha halibut.

Following the seafood course is a serving of game, with a smoked roe deer loin taking centre stage.

For the fifth and final course, the humble apple takes centre stage, with Gary sourcing the fruit from the myriad small orchards around the Scotland, including many within urban environments.

Each course will be complemented by a specially created cocktail or dram, courtesy of Bruichladdich Distillery, the first whisky and gin distillery to be awarded B Corp Status.

We have six sessions running from Thursday March 10th - Saturday March 12th, with lunchtime and evening sittings. Only a small number of tickets are available for each session. Follow the link below for more info and to book!

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