Sensory Cocktail Masterclass with Tom Ford!

Join the fragrance experts from Tom Ford for an evening of magnificent mixology!

Join the Tom Ford fragrance experts from Harvey Nichols at Bonnie & Wild for an evening of magnificent mixology! Enjoy a creative cocktail masterclass within the beautiful surrounds of the private Tryst Bar while discovering several signatures scents from Tom Ford.

Join Bonnie & Wild's mixology master, Liam Bohan, who will lead you through the creation of three exclusive signature cocktails, guiding you on a sensory journey that culminates with a trio of exquisite tipples for you to enjoy.

You’ll be invited to make, shake and partake in a variety of cocktails, all featuring spirits made from Scottish craft distilleries. Drinks include: a Fresh Fragrance (a Lind & Lime fresh gimlet, not unlike a margarita), a Sweet Fragrance (an Arbikie Strawberry Vodka cocktail), and a Smoky Fragrance (an Old Fashioned-style mix, made from Discarded’s banana peel rum).

Meanwhile, the Tom Ford fragrance experts will showcase and pair three signature scents that reflect the key ingredients in the cocktails so you can truly immerse yourself in this amazing and unique sensory experience.

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