Get your buttermilk fried chicken fix from Food Hall favourite Chooks!

Buttermilk fried chicken done right. Whether it's wings or tenders or even a chicken sandwich, everybody loves the taste of Chooks!

Served up in easy-to-share baskets, Chooks' chicken tendies and wings are always a firm favourite at this Bonnie & Wild kitchen ... and a big draw for anyone visiting the St James Quarter. And as well as their popular fried chicken, Chooks also have a couple of sandwich options on their menu - a classic chicken sandwich with pickles and ranch sauce, and a cornflake special with house slaw and hot honey. Try it with Chooks's incredible waffle fries and a dip or two! Guests can also choose from Ketchup, Garlic Mayo, BBQ, Ranch and Hot Sauce.

And maybe wash it all down with a glass of Paolozzi lager or one of Bon Accord's Scottish sodas!

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Allergens and Provenance

Chicken tenders and wings: dairy, gluten, soy

Chicken sandwiches: dairy, gluten, mustard, soy 

Fries: gluten


Garlic Mayonnaise - mustard, eggs
- mustard, dairy, eggs
- mustard
- eggs

John Vallance, Glasgow

For chicken breast and wings, sourced from farms in Cumbria.

Saltire Patisserie, Edinburgh

For various buns and rolls.

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