The Vision

All of us at Bonnie & Wild are passionate about Scotland’s food and drink. We know it’s among the best in the world, and we believe it deserves far greater recognition for its quality, traceability and sustainability.

Bonnie & Wild is a celebration of Scottish eating and drinking. At our Food Hall, we want people to reconnect with their food and drink, and to appreciate the way it’s produced, prepared and served. We want to show off the care, craft and passion at the heart of these food and drink producers.

Key to this is Bonnie & Wild’s unshakable commitment to local and sustainable sourcing, to quality ingredients, and our transparent approach to food provenance. We all want to know where our food and drink come from!

You’ll see this first-hand for yourself when you come to visit Bonnie & Wild. You’ll see it in the way each meal is prepared by the chefs at one of our eight food stalls, live in front of you. You’ll see it in the way fresh meat is sourced and sold at our butcher. You’ll see it in our show kitchen where we’ll host live cooking demonstrations. You’ll see it on the very walls of our Scottish Marketplace, where stunning landscapes of Scotland draw attention to the very land, lochs and seas that the food and drink at Bonnie & Wild comes from.

Regardless of what you come in for, you’ll leave with a sense of Bonnie & Wild’s passion for Scottish food and drink, and of our deep respect for the producers, providers and purveyors working tirelessly to see Scotland as a world-leader in food, drink and hospitality.